Welcome to MYRMID Business Concepts - An extension of MYRMID Website Concepts, we are dedicated to small and large businesses, users who demand a larger amount of resources for content, and the people interested in profit building. Catering to over 150* clients, you will be a part of a community interested in your success!

You can be any age or class and have an idea for your business, but how will it translate on the internet? Do you really know your customer base? Who are you really advertising to? MYRMID Business Concepts can help you out answer these critical questions and establish your presence on the internet, as we help build your business to be known on a large scale.

"Either you pay a ton of cash for a lot of space, or a small cost for insufficient space...I give up!"

We hear you! Don't dispair! We know how competitors can and will charge you an arm and a leg for deciding factors including SPACE and BANDWIDTH. Our hosting, design, and other plans are one of the lowest in the industry. Why do we do this? Simply to nuture our clients with a small start-up investment and rely on their loyalty to us to upgrade to higher plans, and advertise our site via word of mouth. We feel that in our case, this advertising technique is the most powerful. We strongly believe in this medium and what has brought our company from virtually nothing to a respected webhosting company in several niche communities on the internet.

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* as of August 2002

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