Use our convenient, real-time charts to check up on our server status. You can view server activity status, specifications, processes and CPU usage information.

Network Graphs for the Myrmid Network:

Server #1a: Blue (retired 4/02)
Server #1b: Eichorn (retired 9/02)
Server #1c: Addica (retired 12/02)
Server #1d: GOLD (renamed 4/03)
Server #2: Black Mage (retired 6/03)
Server #3a: Kelsey (retired 4/03)

Server #2b: Gamma (server specs) (# processes) (CPU usage)

Server #3b: Alpha (# processes) (CPU usage)

Server #4: Beta Explosion

Dedicated Server Graphs

Platinum :: (Dell Dual Xeon box)


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